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Former recruiter David Alan Carter evaluates the 10 most popular online resume services, comparing writing quality, customer service, pricing and more. See how they stack up.
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Click on a Montana city below, and find the prominent brick & mortar resume writing services for that area. Or, consider an online resume service that conducts business via phone and email. "Top 3" are summarized on the right. --David Alan Carter

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ResumeWriters.com - Best Overall Resume Service
A good balance of price, service and quality of workmanship propels this company to my top spot. Interviews are guaranteed, or they'll rewrite your resume at no charge. My in-depth REVIEW. 
Great Resumes Fast - Best Writing on the Web
Pricey, yes. But top-shelf writing from a team of HR professionals ensures a highly competitive resume. Company CEO is a former recruiter. Guaranteed interviews. My in-depth REVIEW. 

Resume Edge - Expertise Across Multiple Industries
Writers specialize in 40 different industries, so no matter what field you want to enter, they have the resources to help. Option to select your resume's design. A+ rating with the BBB. My in-depth REVIEW.

Montana is known as "Big Sky Country." It's a large western state with a population a thousand or two short of a million residents. Near Crow Agency in the state's center is a monument to the Last Stand, where General George Custer was famously defeated by the Sioux Indians.

The state grew from mineral deposits found in gold, copper and silver. Mining now includes oil, coal and other rocks, while cattle ranching, wheat farming and lumber provide significant parts of the economy. Glacier National Park attracts millions of visitors along with nearby Yellowstone National Park.

Unemployment in the state was 6.8 percent December 2011. Montana experienced .7 percent growth last year and expects a 2 percent slow recovery rate for this year. The construction and education and health services sectors showed visible growth through 2011. Commercial activity and retail have been sluggish, counterbalancing growth in the natural resource and energy sectors.

Job growth can be expected in the petroleum industries in the state's eastern part. Sections of the service and consumer-based industries, such as hair salons, food service, tire shops and hotel services, are showing slow improvement. In Bozeman, the southwest region, computer and technology areas are poised for growth.

Additional information can be found regarding Montana's economy and key employers by visiting Wikipedia: Montana Economy.


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