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Murphy Street, Sunnyvale, California

Former recruiter David Alan Carter evaluates the 10 most popular online resume services, comparing writing quality, customer service, pricing and more. See how they stack up. 
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Sunnyvale CA Resume Service?

Below, find a lineup of local Sunnyvale CA Resume Writing Services led by the top-rated online resume writing firm serving the Sunnyvale, California area. Active links where available. Also, find key employers and links to popular job boards. --David Alan Carter

Sunnyvale CA Resume Services...
including our top-rated online writer network serving Sunnyvale CA
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Visit... ResumeWriters.comResumeWriters.com - Best Online Resume Service
Good balance of price, service and quality of workmanship propels this firm to my top spot. That, and a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating. Interviews are guaranteed. My in-depth REVIEW.
Career Strategies
415 South Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, California
(408) 733-5163
Affordable Resumes
3333 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA
(408) 727-3988
Phrasemaker Word Processing
220 Main Street #205, Los Altos, California
(650) 949-1080
Peninsula Resumes
3375 Alma Street #177, Palo Alto, CA
(208) 315-0123
A Blue Ribbon Resume
1096 N Central Avenue, San Jose, California
(408) 244-6401
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Government Employers in Sunnyvale, CA
-- City of Sunnyvale CA Human Resources

Top Employers in Sunnyvale, California

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the city of Sunnyvale is one of the most progressive cities in the United States. From business technologies to social services, the city has embraced the most advanced and far reaching concepts available to a 21st century city.

Sunnyvale is one of the few American cities to have a unified Department of Public Safety. All of the personnel in this department are cross trained as police officers, firefighters and EMTs allowing any of them to respond to any emergency.

The economy of the city is centered on a dazzling array of some of the most cutting-edge companies computer and Internet including AMD, Juniper Networks and Yahoo. In addition, the city is home to several large aerospace facilities for Honeywell, Northrup Grumman and the U.S. Air Force.

Located just south of San Francisco, the city of Sunnyvale enjoys all the cultural benefits of that world class city. Everything from professional sports through the arts to fine dining are available after a short drive. In short, it provides an excellent combination of excitement, opportunity and safety.

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Wikipedia: Sunnyvale CA Economy

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