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Former recruiter David Alan Carter evaluates the 10 most popular online resume services, comparing writing quality, customer service, pricing and more. See how they stack up.
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Below, find a lineup of local Middletown Resume Writing Services led by the top-rated online resume writing firm serving the Middletown, Ohio area. Active links where available. Also, find key employers and links to popular job boards. --David Alan Carter

Middletown Resume Services...
including our top-rated online writer network serving Middletown, OH
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Good balance of price, service and quality of workmanship propels this firm to my top spot. That, and a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating. Interviews are guaranteed. My in-depth REVIEW.
Pioneer Resume Services
108 E North Street, Mason, OH
(513) 398-1320
Fire Typing Services
905 E Central Avenue, West Carrollton, OH
(937) 859-3599
Resume Plus, Inc.
3077 Kettering Boulevard #212, Kettering, OH
(937) 254-5627
Sears Resume Services
300 E Kemper Road #2, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 671-6767
8749 Apalachee Drive, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 745-2025
Resume Maven
7455 Elru Drive, Dayton, OH
(937) 371-7420
Your Private Secretary
3033 Kettering Boulevard, Moraine, OH
(937) 298-4654
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Government Employers in Middletown, OH
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Top Employers in Middletown, Ohio

Popular Job Boards

Middletown's motto is "Bright past, brighter future", and their future is certainly bright. It straddles Butler and Warren counties north of Cincinnati and has a population of just under 49,000.

This city was built on steel, and the AK Steel mill is still the city's largest employer, though its headquarters were moved from town in 2007. Education is the city's second largest employment sector with a regional campus of Miami University. Retail jobs are also thriving in Middletown, with many shopping centers and big box stores to be found on the eastern side of the city.

No matter if you're looking for a career in education or a factory floor job, you can find it here. From operating a smelter at the AK Steel mill to working as a lab technician at Middletown Regional Hospital, or even a pilot flying out of Hook field, this city has just what you're looking for.

Additional information on the local economy and key employers...

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City of Middletown - Top Employers



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