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Former recruiter David Alan Carter evaluates the 10 most popular online resume services, comparing writing quality, customer service, pricing and more. See how they stack up.
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Click on a Nevada city below, and find the prominent brick & mortar resume writing services for that area. Or, consider an online resume service that conducts business via phone and email. "Top 3" are summarized on the right. --David Alan Carter

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Nevada's riches have come from gold and silvers mines, cattle ranching, gambling, tourism and a little legalized prostitution. The state is covered by deserts, has 2.7 million residents - one of the country's lowest occupation densities - and is owned 86 percent by the U.S. government. Nevada has sustained the nation's highest unemployment rate since the recession, 12.6 percent in December 2011 and yet, remains one of the nation's and world's most popular resource areas.

Mining and logging sustained a noticeable rise in job growth through 2011. All other sectors but other services continued on a tumbling decline. Leisure and hospitality, showing visible gains the latter part of the year, seasonally fell in December. Nevada has the nation's highest home foreclosure rate, leaving a glut of available homes that is expected to influence a market of affordable home prices.

Nevada expects stronger recovery streams in the second half of 2012, primarily in the tourism and hospitality industries emphasizing gaming revenue and visitor volume. Much of its economy will depend on general improvement of the U.S. economy. Job seekers have opportunities in advanced manufacturing and gold and copper mining for experienced minors. Small tech and service industries are thriving in Reno.

Additional information can be found regarding Nevada's economy and key employers by visiting Wikipedia: Nevada Economy.


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